By 2040 the ETH Hönggerberg campus plans to grow in an exponential manner. The foreseen intensification and densification (+ 9.000 students) is ambitious, to say the least. Moreover the masterplan – as recently approved by the Zürich City Council – stresses that all additional space will have to be planned within the campus’ current perimeter, safeguarding the existing ecology surrounding it. Hence a vertical reflex seems unavoidable.

As a studio interested in an architecture that challenges and inspires near-future policy making we are asked to shed our light on some of the pressing issues of the 2040 masterplan. Two focal points spring to mind: the campus’ complex (if not impossible) relationship to highrise development and ETH’s ongoing challenges vis-à-vis sustainable energy.

Our design efforts will aim to merge both opportunities without loosing sight of the campus’ overall ecology and structure. In order for our endeavours to produce an effective impact we will be supported by the ETH Future Cities Laboratory as well as ETH’s Public Real Estate Management Division (PREM).

All projects will be presented to the ETH as concrete policy whispers, helping to sustain and strengthen the future masterplan as a concrete city-making tool.

Spring Semester 2018 Poster

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